6bone connection request
$Id: 6bone-connect.cgi,v 2001/04/17 03:42:19 itojun Exp $

This webpage helps you connect your site to 6bone, worldwide experimental IPv6 network. Please understand that 6bone is an experimental effort. 6bone may not give you what you want, but should be really fun and encouraging if you are "geek"!
You will be connected to 6bone by using IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnel.

You will need the following items:

IPv6 traffic will be transmitted to your router by encapsulated into IPv4 packet, and your router must decapsulate that and transmit to your network.
   | IPv6 traffic to your site,
   | encapsulated into IPv4 packet
dual stack router	must decapsulate and send
   |			IPv6 packet to your network
===+================= your network
IPv6 endhost
In IPv4 point of view, "dual stack router" can be either the router for your site, or just a host.
  | v4 connection	  | v4 connection
dual stack router	v4 router
  |			  |
==+============		==+=======================+====
  |			  |			  |
endhost			dual stack router	endhost

Which region are you in?

Which IPv6 stack are you willing to use as your router?