Conformance Test For Mobility Support in IPv6

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Start:2003/01/20 09:40:42
End :2003/01/20 09:42:26

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9. Correspondent Node Operation


9.1. Conceptual Data Structures

9.2. Processing Mobility Headers

2BE - Unrecognized MH Type valuePASSXXXLink0

9.3. Packet Processing

3BE - Unknown binding for HaOPASSXXXLink0

9.4. Return Routability Procedure

4Receiving valid HoTIPASSXXXLink0
5Receiving valid CoTIPASSXXXLink0
6Receiving HoTI & CoTIPASSXXXLink0
7Receiving invalid HoTI (piggybacking)PASSXXXLink0
8Receiving invalid CoTI (piggybacking)PASSXXXLink0
9Receiving invalid HoTI (invalid checksum)PASSXXXLink0
10Receiving invalid CoTI (invalid checksum)PASSXXXLink0

9.5. Processing Bindings

9.5.2. Requests to Cache a Binding

11Receiving valid BU A=1FAILXXXLink0
12Receiving valid BU A=0FAILXXXLink0
13Receiving invalid BU A=1 & H1 (Home registration not supported)SIGNAL (2)XXXLink0
14Receiving invalid BU A=0 & H1 (Home registration not supported)TBDXXXLink0
15Receiving invalid BU A=1 (piggybacking)TBDXXXLink0
16Receiving invalid BU A=0 (piggybacking)TBDXXXLink0
17Receiving invalid BU A=1 (invalid checksum)TBDXXXLink0
18Receiving invalid BU A=0 (invalid checksum)TBDXXXLink0
21Receiving invalid HoTI (include HaO)TBDXXXLink0
22Receiving invalid CoTI (include HaO)TBDXXXLink0
23Valid sequence number A=1TBDXXXLink0
24Valid sequence number A=0TBDXXXLink0
25Invalid sequence number (less) A=1TBDXXXLink0
26Invalid sequence number (less) A=0TBDXXXLink0
27Invalid sequence number (equal) A=1TBDXXXLink0
28Invalid sequence number (equal) A=0TBDXXXLink0
29Invalid sequence number (too greater) A=1TBDXXXLink0
30Invalid sequence number (too greater) A=0TBDXXXLink0

Requests to Delete a Binding

31Delete a Binding A=1 (Lifetime=0 & CoA!=HoA)TBDXXXLink0
32Delete a Binding A=1 (Lifetime=0 & CoA=HoA)TBDXXXLink0
33Delete a Binding A=1 (Lifetime!=0 & CoA=HoA)TBDXXXLink0

9.6. Cache Replacement Policy

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