Conformance Test For Mobility Support in IPv6

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Start:2003/01/20 09:55:15
End :2003/01/20 10:02:49

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10. Home Agent Operation

1InitializationPASSXXXLink0 Link0

10.1. Conceptual Data Structures

10.2. Processing Mobility Headers

10.3. Processing Bindings

10.3.1. Primary Care-of Address Registration

Valid Registration

2Receiving valid BU A=1PASSXXXLink0 Link0
3Receiving valid BU A=0PASSXXXLink0 Link0

Invalid Registration

4Receiving invalid BU A=1 (Not home subnet)PASSXXXLink0 Link0
5Receiving invalid BU A=0 (Not home subnet)PASSXXXLink0 Link0

Proxy DAD Succeeded

6DAD Succeeded S=0 & L=0PASSXXXLink0 Link0
7DAD Succeeded S=0 & L=1PASSXXXLink0 Link0
8DAD Succeeded S=1 & L=0PASSXXXLink0 Link0
9DAD Succeeded S=1 & L=1PASSXXXLink0 Link0

Proxy DAD Failed

10DAD Failed S=0 & L=0PASSXXXLink0 Link0
11DAD Failed S=0 & L=1PASSXXXLink0 Link0
12DAD Failed S=1 & L=0PASSXXXLink0 Link0
13DAD Failed S=1 & L=1PASSXXXLink0 Link0

10.3.2. Primary Care-of Address De-Registration

Valid De-Registration

14Valid De-Registration (Lifetime=0 & CoA!=HoA)PASSXXXLink0 Link0
15Valid De-Registration (Lifetime=0 & CoA=HoA)PASSXXXLink0 Link0
16Valid De-Registration (Lifetime!=0 & CoA=HoA)PASSXXXLink0 Link0

Invalid De-Registration

17Invalid De-Registration (Not home agent for this mobile node)PASSXXXLink0 Link0

10.4. Packet Processing

Sending multicast NA

18Sending multicast NA S=0 & L=0PASSXXXLink0 Link0
19Sending multicast NA S=0 & L=1PASSXXXLink0 Link0
20Sending multicast NA S=1 & L=0PASSXXXLink0 Link0
21Sending multicast NA S=1 & L=1PASSXXXLink0 Link0

Proxy ND

22ND S=0 & L=0PASSXXXLink0 Link0
23ND S=0 & L=1PASSXXXLink0 Link0
24ND S=1 & L=0PASSXXXLink0 Link0
25ND S=1 & L=1PASSXXXLink0 Link0

Reverse Tunneling

26Reverse TunnelingPASSXXXLink0 Link0

10.5. Dynamic Home Agent Address Discovery

27Dynamic Home Agent Address DiscoveryFAILXXXLink0 Link0

Receiving Router Advertisement Messages

28Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ the Highest PrfSIGNAL (2)XXXLink0 Link0
29Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ the Lowest PrfTBDXXXLink0 Link0
30Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Lifetime=0TBDXXXLink0 Link0
31Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Prfs (NUT, HA1, HA2)TBDXXXLink0 Link0
32Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Prfs (HA1, NUT, HA2)TBDXXXLink0 Link0
33Receiving Local RA Msgs w/ Prfs (HA1, HA2, NUT)TBDXXXLink0 Link0

10.6. Sending Prefix Information to the Mobile Node

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