MN-4-2-1-1-004 - Valid solicited MPA (the change of Valid and Preferred Lifetime)




                                  R       CN0
                                  |        |
                     -----+-------+--------+---------------- LinkZ
                          R2                      NUTY
                          |                         |
                     -----+-------+-----------------+------- LinkY
                                  R1              NUTX
                                  |                 |
                     -----+-------+-----------------+------- LinkX
                         HA0             Node0    NUT0
                          |               |         |
    ----------------------+---------------+---------+------- Link0
Link0 3ffe:501:ffff:100::/64 home link
LinkX 3ffe:501:ffff:102::/64  
LinkY 3ffe:501:ffff:103::/64  
LinkZ 3ffe:501:ffff:104::/64  
HA0(Link0) 3ffe:501:ffff:100:200:ff:fe00:a0a0  
Node0(Link0) 3ffe:501:ffff:100:200:ff:fe00:a3a3  
R1(LinkX) 3ffe:501:ffff:102:200:ff:fe00:a4a4  
R2(LinkY) 3ffe:501:ffff:103:200:ff:fe00:a6a6  
CN0(LinkZ) 3ffe:501:ffff:104:200:ff:fe00:a8a8  


 1. Selection Option
    - none
 2. Position of Mobile Node
    - none


       HA0     NUT0     R1      R2      CN0
        |       |       |       |        |
        | ----> |       |       |        | 1.Router Advertisement
        |       |       |       |        |
        |      NUTX     |       |        |
        |       |       |       |        |
        |       | <---- |       |        | 2.Router Advertisement
        |       |       |       |        |
        | <---- |       |       |        | 3.Neighbor Solicitations
        |       |       |       |        | 4.(no reply:3 seconds)
        |       |       |       |        |
        | <---- |       |       |        | 5.Binding Update
        | ----> |       |       |        | 6.Binding Acknowledgement
        |       |       |       |        |
        | ----> |       |       |        | 7.Mobile Prefix Advertisement
        | <---- |       |       |        | 8.Mobile Prefix Solicitetion
        | ----> |       |       |        | 9.Mobile Prefix Advertisement
        |       |       |       |        |
        | <---- |       |       |        | 10.Binding Update (*1)
        |       |       |       |        |
        1. Send Router Advertisement. (HA0 -> HA0_allnode_multi)
        2. Send Router Advertisement. (R1 -> R1_allnode_multi)
        3. Receive Neighbor Solicitations. (NUT0 -> HA0)
        4. (no reply)
            # Wait during a maximum of 3 seconds(RFC2461).
        5. Receive Binding Update. (NUTX -> HA0)
        6. Send Binding Acknowledgement. (HA0 -> NUTX)
        7. Send Mobile Prefix Advertisement. (HA0 -> NUTX)
        8. Receive Mobile Prefix Solicitation. (NUTX -> HA0)
        9. Send Mobile Prefix Advertisement. (HA0 -> NUTX)
            # The Prefix Information option is included, and,
            #   - The Valid Lifetime is set less than the remaining
            #     lifetime of the home registration.
            #   - The Preferred Lifetime is set less than the remaining
            #     lifetime of the home registration.
        10. Receive Binding Upsate. (NUTX -> HA0)
        Packet Format is:
          9.Mobile Prefix Advertisement
          10.Binding Update


 (*1) PASS: HA0 receives the Binding Update,
            Then, check whether this packet fills all of the following,
             - The Lifetime field is set less than Valid and Preferred Lifetime
               in the solicited Mobile Prefix Advertisement[9].


11.4.3 Receiving Mobile Prefix Advertisements
   When a mobile node receives a Mobile Prefix Advertisement, it MUST
   validate it according to the following test:
   o  The Source Address of the IP packet carrying the Mobile Prefix
      Advertisement is the same as the home agent address to which the
      mobile node last sent an accepted home registration Binding Update
      to register its primary care-of address.  Otherwise, if no such
      registrations have been made, it SHOULD be the mobile node's
      stored home agent address, if one exists.  Otherwise, if the
      mobile node has not yet discovered its home agent's address, it
      MUST NOT accept Mobile Prefix Advertisements.
   o  The packet MUST have a type 2 routing header and SHOULD be
      protected by an IPsec header as described in Section 5.4 and
      Section 6.8.
   o  If the ICMP Identifier value matches the ICMP Identifier value of
      the most recently sent Mobile Prefix Solicitation and no other
      advertisement has yet been received for this value, then the
      advertisement is considered to be solicited and will be processed
      Otherwise, the advertisement is unsolicited, and MUST be silently
      discarded.  In this case the mobile node SHOULD send a Mobile
      Prefix Solicitation.
   Any received Mobile Prefix Advertisement not meeting these tests MUST
   be silently discarded.
11.4.2 Sending Mobile Prefix Solicitations
   As described in Section 11.7.2, Binding Updates sent by the mobile
   node to other nodes MUST use a lifetime no greater than the remaining
   lifetime of its home registration of its primary care-of address.
   The mobile node SHOULD further limit the lifetimes that it sends on
   any Binding Updates to be within the remaining valid lifetime (see
   Section 10.6.2) for the prefix in its home address.
6.4 Type 2 Routing Header
6.4.1 Format
   Hdr Ext Len
      2	(8-bit unsigned integer);  length of the routing header in
      8-octet units, not including the first 8 octets
   Segments Left
      1	(8-bit unsigned integer).
   Home Address
      The Home Address of the destination Mobile Node.
6.8 ICMP Mobile Prefix Advertisement Message Format
   Source Address
      The home agent's address as the mobile node would expect to see it
      (i.e., same network prefix).
   Destination Address
      If this message is a response to a Mobile Prefix Solicitation,
      this field contains the Source Address field from that packet.
      For unsolicited messages, the mobile node's care-of address SHOULD
      be used.  Note that unsolicited messages can only be sent if the
      mobile node is currently registered with the home agent.
   Routing header:
      A type 2 routing header MUST be included.
      An identifier to aid in matching this Mobile Prefix Advertisement
      to a previous Mobile Prefix Solicitation.
      This field is unused.  It MUST be initialized to zero by the
      sender and MUST be ignored by the receiver.
   Prefix Information
      Each message contains one or more Prefix Information options.
      Each option carries the prefix(es) that the mobile node should use
      to configure its home address(es).  Section 10.6 describes which
      prefixes should be advertised to the mobile node.
7.2 Modified Prefix Information Option Format
   Router Address (R)
      1-bit router address flag.  When set, indicates that the Prefix
      field contains a complete IP address assigned to the sending
      router.  The indicated prefix is the first Prefix Length bits of
      the Prefix field.  The router IP address has the same scope and
      conforms to the same lifetime values as the advertised prefix.
      This use of the Prefix field is compatible with its use in
      advertising the prefix itself, since Prefix Advertisement uses
      only the leading bits.  Interpretation of this flag bit is thus
      independent of the processing required for the On-Link (L) and
      Autonomous Address-Configuration (A) flag bits.