cvsup over socks

$Id: cvsup-over-socks.html,v 1.2 2001/06/05 22:49:42 itojun Exp $
Contributed by Tomomi Suzuki, translated by Jun-ichiro itojun Itoh

Setting up a socks server

Ask your firewall administrator, to let tcp port 5999 go through via socks server.

Installing client software

perform pkg_add on your FreeBSD box for the following binary distribution packages:

Configuring client software

Make sure that your hostname is resolvable. For example, add host name and IP addrses for your host into /etc/hosts, configure DNS servers, and so forth. If gethostbyaddr fails it won't work.

Write /usr/local/etc/m3socks.conf, as below:

	nameserver ip.address.for.external-dns-server
	findserver No
	direct *
	sockd @=ip.address.for.socks-server
see manpage for m3socks.conf for detail.

Sync your source tree

Perform the following command:
% m3socks cvsup -g -L 2 kame-freebsd-supfile

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