unified-ipv6 issues

Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino, KAME project
$Id: index.html,v 1.1 2001/04/17 03:42:21 itojun Exp $

There has been unified-ipv6 project underway, since winter 1998 (IIRC). This project aims to make a "take the best part" IPv6 implementation from NRL, INRIA and KAME implementation. This was needed because if we have 3 IPv6 implementations and 4 *BSD operating systems we will get 12 different IPv6-ready operating systems, which is a huge mess and it raises big portability problem.

After half year of struggle on manpower and design issues (apparently 3 IPv6 code are based on very different designs), the situation changed a bit.

So, KAME will be producing KAME snapshots, and we label it as "unified-ipv6" snapshot. This will happen when KAME supports OpenBSD and BSDI4 (expected to happen in September).

We hope to ship unified-ipv6 kit (basically KAME kit), and merge code to *BSD platforms sooner.