KAME will terminate KAME-FreeBSD4 support at Mar 31 2005

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1. background

Here's the list of reasons why we would like to terminate freebsd4+kame support.

2. what will happen after March 31 2005

we will conduct the following changes after March 31 2005. Even after Mar 31 2005, however, we still keeps the following two regarding freebsd4.

3. what should the freebsd4 users have to do?

Those who are now using kame+freebsd4 have to choose either of the following ways.
upgrade your kame+freebsd4 to kame+freebsd5

If you find something unstable, please confirm it on pure freebsd5 to check if it's a generic freebsd5 problem or a KAME-specific problem.

keep using kame+freebsd4 and merge necessary fixes as you wish.

We keep old KAME-snap tarball in our FTP site and you can still access the CVS repository of kame/freebsd4.

So using these resources, you can still install kame+freebsd4 from scratch. (we will remove freebsd4-specific ifdef's from the code in kame/kame/... from this April, so it will be difficult to sync with the current KAME CVS on freebsd4)