IPv6 Ready Logo program

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KAME is (of course) IPv6 ready

On March 2006, we obtained the Phase-2(core) Logo from IPv6 Ready Logo Committee for KAME+FreeBSD5 (KAME-SNAP released on 20060116), in addition to the Phase-1 Logo.

System version

Here is the list of our certificated implementations:

Node type Snap version Logo ID
IPv6 host kame-20060116-freebsd54-snap 02-C-000140 (Phase-2 Core)
IPv6 router kame-20060116-freebsd54-snap 02-C-000138 (Phase-2 Core)
IPv6 host kame-20050124-freebsd53-snap 01-000253 (Phase-1)
IPv6 router kame-20050124-freebsd53-snap 01-000256 (Phase-1)
IPv6 host kame-20030922-freebsd48-snap 01-000114 (Phase-1)
IPv6 router kame-20030922-freebsd48-snap 01-000115 (Phase-1)


Here is the logo we received from IPv6 Ready Logo Committee.

Phase-2 Core