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Racoon users,

This is the announcement that the kame project will quit providing
a key management daemon, the racoon, and that "ipsec-tools" will become
the formal team to release the racoon.
The final release of the racoon in the kame project will be on 4/25.

Because there were some problem for users currently,
        - I did not add new feature.
        - I intent to fix security holes and apply patches.
          however, it could not be enough done.
        - I could not reply your questions, bug reports and
          useful suggestions.
I was sorry that it was not enough support for users.  I was thinking
that I would not want to make trouble for users anymore.

There is another racoon as known as "ipsec-tools" in the sourceforge.
It is being developed very actively, is stable than racoon and
implemented radical feature.  But it is sometime trouble for users
that double racoons are released.  It is also wasteful that development
resource is devided.  I was thinking that two racoon could be merged.

There was an oppotunity having a meeting with some of "ipsec-tools"
developers at the IETF 62th in Minneapolis.  I told my thought to
the developers.  They willingly agreed with my proposal.

They told me that they could become the formal support team.  So the kame
project decided to quit providing, and supporting racoon.

If you are interesting in the "ipsec-tools", please visit thier web page,
and subscribe to the mailing list by yourself.

Thank you up to now, and best regards,

Some people interested in "racoon2".  It is still pre-alpha version,
not satisfied with users.  I will concentrate developping "racoon2"
to be stable.  It needs more than one year at least.

//Shoichi Sakane

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