We give high priority to merging IPv6 functionality to the BSD variants by March 2004. We may implement new features, however, will not merge them to the BSD variants since they might be unstable.
Here are features to be merged to the BSD variants:
Here are working items:
RFC3376 for IGMPv3 is ready but API for IGMPv3 is a draft. So, need to wait. MLDv2 is a draft. Thus, can't merge.
Need to consider framework (libc vs daemon). Waiting for RFC.
Scoped routing
The remaining work is to integrate the scope architecture to routing table. Since site-local is likely to be deprecated, however, we can't see advantages against the expected heavy work. Also, the change would cause compatibility issue, we need to discuss with the BSD community if this can be accepted. We'll continue to work on this in the KAME snap for the moment as well as having the discussion. Once the course of the action is determined, the snap code will be cleaned up accordingly.
X Window System
We made an IPv6 patch for XFree86. However, X.org now has implemented its own IPv6 code and it will be available soon. So, we won't merge our patch to X.
VRRP6 was implemented but removed due to IPR issue with VRRP6.
MIP6 CN should be merged. Waiting for RFC. MN and HA are pending due to dirty code clean up
ESPv3 and AH revise are now draft. Need to catch up when RFC will be published.
We had planed to implement and to merge a KMP which would be light weight and would be simple. But IKEv2 is now going to be RFC and it is more complex protocol than we expected. We have a plan to implement it. However, we will not merge it though it will be provided by KAME snap.
Router Selection
Standardization status is unclear. We want to merge router-preference flag. But a draft covers other features including route-information option and router load balance.
ISATAP was implemented but removed due to IPR issue.
ICMPv6 name lookup
Waiting for RFC. Need to consider framework like mDNS.
DNS server discovery
Waiting for RFC.
The code is already quite mature and inter-operable. Once the specification becomes an RFC, we'll merge it to the BSD repository.
Need more tests.

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