KAME-snap kit

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KAME advanced networking kit, SNAP release is weekly snapshot release of KAME kernel/userland. It is aimed for advanced networking researchers/hackers, who is brave enough to cope with various twists/features/bugs/whatever. It is, by nature, may or may not be stable enough. This is clearly NOT for novice users.

Mailing list

SNAP users are encouraged to join our mailing list called "snap-users". The mailing list will be used for: To subscribe to the list, send email with content subscribe snap-users to majordomo@kame.net. To post to the list, you have to subscribe the list; otherwise it is moderated.
Past discussions can be found at http://www.kame.net/snap-users/mail-list.cgi or ftp://ftp.kame.net/pub/mail-list/snap-users/.

Primary language for the mailing list is ENGLISH. If there's high demand we'll be able to maintain another list for Japanese language, so please do not hesitate to ask.

Comments should be shared among snap-users@kame.net.